to make known or visible
to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time


Meet The Muse


You may have noticed by now that The Muse was named after the Greek Muses who were the source of inspiration for all of the arts and for knowledge in general.

We think that’s pretty cool – and in our case, it’s actually quite fitting!!

Our team believe that we should drive your Digital Marketing whilst instilling our own brand of inspiration {creative genius if you will} within your business.

Here are just a few members of the team who help bring this magic to life:

Lauren Hackett

Lauren Hackett
Director & Founder

Lauren is a founding Director of The Muse and has worked in marketing for more than 5 years after residing in the Construction Industry for 15 years as Company Director of a successful business.

Gaining a wide range of experience across many marketing disciplines, Lauren has worked with a variety of leading brands including BBC Good Food, The Sunday Telegraph, Neal’s Yard Remedies & Ted Baker.

Lauren’s skills and knowledge are rooted in business to business communications and she has extensive experience in delivering complex integrated marketing campaigns.

Fun Fact: When she’s not mastering the art of new and innovative marketing trends, she can be found with a bowl of her latest culinary triumph in hand creating video content for her channel.

Francesca Fantham
Senior Director of Marketing

Fran started at The Muse back in 2021
and has since taken on the role of Senior Director, managing all B2B accounts, offering up bright ideas and pearls of wisdom to clients and colleagues alike.

With over 20 vears' experience of running a business (which was sold to an International franchise) she heads up the Client Services team at The Muse, delivering valuable strategic direction for clients and carefully managing the development of new and existing business.

Fun Fact: When Fran is away from her desk, she loves attending events focused on sustainable fashion, including those that feature pre-loved clothes and rotating wardrobes. With her two children, she explores the latest in eco-friendly apparel. Fran also has a penchant for craft gins, sampling the best from her two main bases in Leicestershire and Bristol.

Chiara Porcelli
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Chiara joined The Muse in early 2022 and is an innovative, creative and critical thinker. At The Muse she leverages her expertise and skill set into all aspects of digital marketing.

She relishes a challenge and is at her happiest creating outstanding marketing campaigns, with social media strategy and memorable content creation always at the fore.

Chiara’s passion lies in being able to collaborate and help SME’s grow. Using her skills in graphic design, brand strategy implementation and paid advertising she hones The Muse’s powerful digital solutions to align with our clients’ individual budgets.

Fun Fact: Chiara likes to spend her free time immersed in nature, often with camera in hand as she loves photographing wildlife.

Pam Marr the muse marketing

Pam Marr
Copywriter & Content Creator

Pam has over 20 years of corporate experience, working at board level in both commercial and industrial sectors. Her roles have always been growth-focussed whether through optimisation of sales and marketing performance or by embedding more effective business development strategies.

The application of this in-depth business experience, in conjunction with an ability to create clear and compelling content, allows Pam to assist clients to gain interest of their desired audience, keep them entirely engaged and drive them to conversion.

Fun Fact: Pam is passionate about dogs – be it her own three rescued pooches or those within the care of the charities she supports. She and her two like-minded daughters also visit various schools, homes and hospitals, with their therapy dog, Betty.

Chloe Kennedy
Senior Digital Specialist

Since joining The Muse in early 2022 as a PPC and senior digital specialist, Chloe has worked on end-to-end campaigns expertly managing strategy, set up and activation for individual clients.

Her extensive knowledge and experience extends far beyond the initial strategy planning stage and her long term focus on essential KPI reporting's of huge benefit to our clients across all digital platforms.

Fun Fact: When she’s not at work, Chloe enjoys spending time with her partner, and her cat. She’s currently directing a play for a small theatre in Lincolnshire.

Nicola McMurray

Nicola McMurray
Creative Branding Designer

Nicola is an experienced creative designer specialising in graphic and business branding design. Her successful track record spans across a number of sectors, including interior design, event design and graphic design and she has applied her ‘super skills’ in AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3D Rendering and Adobe Creative Suite.

Nicola is a multi-disciplined design professional with a BA Hons in Interior Design and has worked alongside many clients at The Muse to establish a powerful and highly effective branding strategy.
Fun Fact: Nicola is a massive foodie who’s always on hand for restaurant recommendations. When she’s not working her way around the local brunch spots, she’ll probably be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, accompanied by Taylor Swift tunes.

co·​a·​lesce| \ ˌkō-ə-ˈles

def 1 // to grow together
def 2 // to unite into a whole


The traditional, big-box (dare we say BORING?) agencies from yesteryear simply cannot offer the same value that a cutting edge, agile, smaller agency such as The Muse can. We’re not normally fans of a cliché but… enlisting us as your dedicated Digital Marketing experts really is a win-win situation.

You get: –

We get: –

We’re serious about what we do. Our own personal Boardroom experience has taught us just how demanding it is to run a business and we understand exactly how we can positively affect the future growth of those we work with.
When you partner with The Muse you get engagement, investment, commitment, and a crazy amount of enthusiasm.

Your success really does become our obsession!