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Social Media Case Study


The Green Room


The Green Room came under new ownership in April 2020 and the business needed an entire revamp and overhaul, from its branding to social media and more traditional marketing.  The Muse was appointed to provide The Green Room with a revamp on it’s business branding and bring its social media presence into the modern era.

Even if you are not a floral designer, the marketing issues that faced The Green Room are very similar to those that most SME’s have or will face.

As a brick-and-mortar shop, in two years they have dealt with creating a new brand identity, attracting new business far and wide, expanding their services to meet client needs and via The Muse and our intrepid marketing efforts we’ve used all of our channels available from public relations, social media, advertising and face-to-face opportunities even when the business had to pivot during a time of closure due to the pandemic.

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Performance Overview

As the current owner Mr . J. Martoccia bought into this business, he also purchased both physical and digital assets of the business. It was clear from the old digital presence was lacklustre and not in line with the vision for the brand.

We then developed and launched a supporting result-driven, multi-channel digital strategy, to continually drive potential customers to final purchase decisions and convert prospects into profitable customers.

This process has included implementing tactical digital strategies both paid and organic for the brand, creating specific campaigns and driving engagement on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok, Digital email campaigns along with remarketing on Google and Facebook marketplace.

Marketing Channels

The Muse recognised luxury florist The Green Room and need to be more relevant and appealing to a younger and wider audience.

We knew creative social media content could be the answer and wanted a focus on Instagram content.

The Green Room wanted The Muse to:

  • Increase Instagram acquisition
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Engage younger consumers without alienating older established audiences
  • Shift public perception of the brand as old-fashioned, as per in-house research
Marketing Channels
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Increase To Date On Social Media Following
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Marketing Channels

In line with the client brand we developed a digital-first creative social media content campaign that consistently aligned with their in-house events and sales promotions.

Channelling our social media expertise we have come up with the following:

  • Daily IG Stories and Interactive Content
  • Mini Monthly Social Media Series
  • Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads that convert.
  • Social Media Shopping catalogues
  • Online Events

The Social Media Style

Visual Style
The top brands on social all have something in common: consistency. The foundation for that consistency comes from a strong social media style guide and something we actively install on the daily.
One of the biggest challenges for this business is standing out in a sea of competitors. For this, we needed something that set the business apart from everyone else. We have actively engaged with the online community, addressed their pain points, and created multiple niche marketing strategies.
Brands succeed when they break through in culture. And branding is a set of techniques designed to generate cultural relevance. Digital technologies have not only created potent new social networks but also dramatically altered how culture works.
As we have continued to grow online and in the industry, staying true to the specific style guides we have created for The Green Room determines how we want the relevant audience to see us.


Social media has been an indispensable marketing channel for the business. Methods for capturing online users’ attention continue to proliferate in 2022, and we’re taking advantage of the most popular trends on various social platforms which is a great way for us to reach target audiences and expand awareness of the brand among new audiences.