Branding is something many of us expect to see when we look at businesses in any industry, and missing this could be a huge red flag.

Without branding, you have very little to show for your business.




Brief & Insight

Company Directors Jamie Greig and Paul Dackombe of City Concepts run a small team based just outside of London formed in 2015 providing commercial glazing partitions in some of London’s most professional spaces.

With the company going from strength to strength within the glazed partitions market, it was important for them to create an iconic business logo that not only would stand the test of time but emulated luxury, quality, precision and excellence.

Branding & Design Insight


The main requirement for the business rebrand was the confidence and ability to start approaching bigger key players within a very competitive market.

The existing logo created a lot of business limitations and pre conceptions as to what the business is/does, so it was important for both Jamie and Paul to have a business brand that conveyed City Concepts was a contender to talk about.

The Muse listened to all of the requirements and went away to concept 3 initial logos for them to choose and evolve on…. encapsulating City Concepts into a desirable brand, that was smart, stylish and innovative…

Process & Design

The Muse Marketing Branding & Design team have an overriding desire to make your audience stop and take notice. We’re not about winning awards simply for the sake of it, but we are entirely about pushing boundaries and making your business impossible to ignore.
Creating a solid brand, with strong foundations is much more than just an explosion of creative brainstorms. The branding process is a combination of investigation, strategic thinking and project management combined with a huge amount of creativity.

Managing the brand and its consistency in applications is facilitated by a set of branding guidelines that are accessible to all employees. It should be made clear by management that everyone within the company is responsible for adhering to the guidelines. If everyone works together and follows the guidelines, they can help to build a better brand.

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Total Commitment

Nailing The Brief

We have a 100% commitment to nailing the brief until you are certain the branding from conceptualisation to realisation is nothing less than perfect…