Email marketing is the modern form of direct response marketing, which has long been revered as the most effective form of marketing.

Email Marketing

Subject lines that compel


If you don’t want your marketing email to go unopened, a stand-out subject line is essential. Trying to get it right can feel like pin the tail on the donkey, drinking tequila, but there is a science to email marketing.

It’s a fact: people are deluged with emails every day, so most go unopened. But all is not lost. We can help you create a rich and varied email programme that’s not just great-looking, but great-performing, too.


Email Marketing

and Its Benefits for Small and Medium Business

Email marketing is a promotional method that involves sending emails to promote products. Communication and consumer trust are considered effective in building customer loyalty through this method.

If you’re launching a business in this digital era, it seems necessary to think about using email, because it will bring you many benefits, such as:

Easier to Get Customer Data

All you need to do is invite them to subscribe to the Newsletter. Offer them special offers, like discount coupons, shopping vouchers, or other promotions, to get them to fill out the subscription form.

Communication with Customers Feels More Personal

One of the advantages of an email is that we can refer to customers by their nicknames. This will make them feel closer to us as business owners.

Save Money

Promotional costs can be reduced when you use e-mail, because you do not need to print and distribute brochures, posters, or billboards.

Easy to evaluate

Evaluation is done by looking at how many emails were sent and how the customer responded. From here, you can determine what steps you need to take.

Build Credibility

Customer trust depends on credibility. This can be built through email marketing by sharing useful and quality content.

When choosing an email marketing strategy, getting results in email doesn’t happen by accident. Clicks and conversions result from emails that inform and inspire. We send everything from content-rich newsletters to single-minded digital postcards, and timely triggered emails using dynamic content.