involving or creating favourable circumstances that increase
the chances of success or effectiveness; beneficial.


For each of our clients, we put the consumer at the heart of the process. Whether defining clear and concise social media goals, re-iterating brand purpose or activating a digital-first campaign, our work is designed to create maximum impact and talkability.

Social Media Marketing & Full Management

Our own special creative geniuses ensure that your content won’t simply be accurate and interesting; it will be engaging and represent you in your very best light. Of course, your audience will find it highly share-worthy too and will enthusiastically forward it to colleagues and DM it to friends.

With The Muse you get content that gives you more than a voice. It gives you a personality and a presence to reach out and speak to the audience you value. We leave nothing to chance so will deliver your message within a curated feed that works aesthetically as well as strategically, making it difficult to scroll past.

Branding & Design

The Muse Marketing Branding & Design team have an overriding desire to make your audience stop and take notice. We’re not about winning awards simply for the sake of it, but we are entirely about pushing boundaries and making your business impossible to ignore. Putting modesty to one side, we’re really rather good at it!!

Our job is to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, flashing a beacon to your target market that says: “No need to look any further. You’ve found us!!!”. With social media gaining ever more prevalence and power amongst audiences and on-line attention being one of the highest value commodities, branding is undoubtedly more important than ever.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing may be just one part of your wider strategic acquisition plan, but we certainly don’t leave anything to chance. Our tenacious team are the secret weapon you need to reach your audience, giving them plenty of reasons to engage and lots of opportunities to convert!

We take the time to get to know you and your products and services to ensure that we can create campaigns that will reach and resonate with your customers and prospects. Our experience allows us to be realistic about results, but our expertise allows us to be confident about achieving top-tier performance in our field.

Web Design & Maintenance

A great website has the power to be your number one sales tool and we’d love to help you unleash its potential and leverage it to the max. Whether building credibility, establishing identity, showcasing excellence or simply driving conversion, here at The Muse we’ll make sure your website works just as hard as you do.

Website development and design isn’t only about the way your page looks to a potential customer. It’s just as much about building trust and encouraging conversions (or goal achievement if conversion isn’t your only aim). Your website needs to be true to your brand, look like you and sound like you. After all, it is essentially the first step you’ll take in introducing yourself to future clients.


When the ancient Greek poets first decided to summon the Muses they didn’t exactly know what to expect.

Thankfully today you can find out more before you make any kind of commitment.

Get in touch to see how we might be the perfect source of inspiration your business has been looking for.